Tuesday, 9 December 2008

the 'chair project'

this project was aimed to look at our research skills, in finding out as much as possible about a 'chair'. i started of visiting the design museum then the v&a, this is where i found my chair tucked away in a corner.

I chose this, a Bentwood chair by Michael Thonet.
it was designed for a cafe called Daum, in Vienna.so i started to look at other cafe chairs to.

then we had 6 different areas to research into...

i thought about the cafe, the place and its surroundings

Michael Thonet designed the chair so i drew his face lots

i couldn't find the owner of the cafe but i found out that wealthy politicians,aristocrats,military officers and socialites would come for a coffee here and sit on the chairs so i kind of made them into the owners. for these characters i thought about the time it was made, the 50s, and the place, Vienna Germany.so i looked at the movies sound of music, and the note book, and drew from old 50s magazines i have etc

i googled 1957 and it came will events that happened; the slinky invented, jo brand born, civil rights movement, music, tv, cars and books...

wood from beechtree, thecane from bamboo, and screws

steam bendng and moulds and weaving cane