Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Fiction Project

my book was
by Miranda July
(a book of 16 short stories)

over the summer we choose a book to read and we had to draw 20 characters, places and objects from the book
a few pictures related i took related to the stories for 60 drawings...

our briefs...

sound task... to make a piece of sound from a bit of the story!

60 drawings:

first day back and my drawings

20 sentences from book

If you are sad ask yourself why you are sad.

When a whale dies, it falls down through the ocean slowly, over the course of a day. All the other fish see it fall, like a giant statue, like a building, but slowly, slowly.

Look at the sky: that is for you.

Look at each persons face as you pass on the street: those faces are for you.

The interesting thing about positive, it never mentions HIV.

A dot so small that isn’t male or female or young or old; it is just smiling.

The dream began as it always dose, in a low-ceilinged land where everyone is forced to crawl

around on hands and knees… living horizontally.

Ask my breasts, my forty-six-year-old breasts.

Life is just this way, broken, and I am crazy to hope for something else

I was thinking of eagles humping each other and then I remembered they don’t hump they lay eggs.

Humans make their own worlds in the small area in front of their face

Why do you think we are the only animals that kiss?

Because the area in front of our faces in our most intimate zone. This is why humans are the only romantic animals.

I washed my hands as if they were children, cradling one and then the other.

It described a man with eyes the size of clocks.

Everyone knows that if you paint a human being entirely with house paint he will live, as long as you don’t paint the bottom of his feet. It only takes only a little thing like this to kill a person.

I drew pictures of it on my binder, a smudge in a heart. A smudge and me, interconnecting hearts. Me and the smudge and a half human/half smudge baby.

I imagined her flying around the world, taking photographs of all the birds, them flocking around her, hem teaching her to fly, her flying through the air on her back, totally unafraid.

Don’t wait to be sure. Move, move, move.

The neighbours trim their bushes into ridiculous animal shapes.

People love to make life harder than it has to be.

A car went by outside, and we watched blocks of light slide across the ceiling.

It was bloodier than even blood, like sick blood, animal blood, the blood racist people think beats inside people of other races: blood that shouldn’t touch my own. But the next moment it was just jam, and he laughed and rubbed the kitchen towel on her cheek. Her clean cheek. Her port-wine stain.

She rubbed her finger around its edges. It came as high as her right eye, over to the edge of her right nostril, across her whole cheek to the ear, ending at her jawbone. In purplish-red

I gazed at her shuteyes with their majestic lashes, and good intention of a nose.

They were sparkling with the old love, the greatest love of my lifetime. And they were triumphant.

we choose a part of our book to illustrate 4 different ways in a book form:

i took a section from the short story called 'The Moves'....

heres i clip of youtube where July is telling the story...

Pencil drawings

Passing down the moves

who he did the moves on

collage moves

final peices to illustrate the book.

1. the shared patio:
a little section on the story where she says if you are angry stabb a pillow....
knife on pillow case

2. the swim team:
from a scene in the story where the swimming teacher is teaching the 3 old people to swim in her kitchen, with 3 bowls to put their faces in . they end their session by doing a belly flop onto the bed and towling of

each have their towl with name and what they shouted as they belly floped, and bowl.

3. magesty:
the lady dreams about prince william, and he lifts up her skirt and nuzzles her buns! in her dream she describes people having sex looking like mating beattles.

4. the man on the stairs:
she thinks their is some one on the stairs, whilst in bed with her partner. she describes her partner as a cat presenting the gift of a dead bird... she never asked for it!

5. the sister
about a guy and his boss who pretends he has a sister for him to meet.. this is a lie to get him over to his place, were they then get high and talk about eagles humping!... and ends up in his boxers, he says to his boss 'the pants stay on!'

6. the person
in this story every thing seems so colourful and perfect, but this person isnt really very happy.
the balloon is heavy, like the heavy weight over the person, sat at the picnic bench.

7. it was romance
a group of ladies are in a class about romance with napkins over their heads. the teacher talks about how we are the only romantic animal and the only one that kisses... i choose the deers because the 2 main characters are scared, timid and shy....

8. something that needs nothing:
two girls who throught they would spend the rest of their lifes together. one leaves and the other is left to to survive by working in a peep show; she weres a wig and goes by the name of gwen, and sits in the shop on a green patio chair waiting for her next costomer...
'the tunnels narrowed as i crawled through them, until they became impossibly knotted strands of hair that i could only tear at'.

9. i kiss a door:
blur coat silver flat bottons... (need to finish)

10. the boy from lam kien:
a section in the book where they are in the living room and the pillow fell of the couch by itself as though it could fly! the text is from when the little boy talks to her and makes her feel special.

11. making love in 2003:
the author has a cushion with blue frill for each book she has written. i took the text from how the girl talks about her experience with rape!
(still need to make into cushion)

12. 10 true things:
a receptionist goes to the same sewing class as her bosses wife to see what she is like. the wife buys a patterned fabric which has a feather print on it. she imagens the feathers are birds are from all around the world and that they flock around the wife teaching her how to fly!

13. the moves:
father telling his daughter about the moves! two hands which you can bend into positions to show the moves!

14. mon plaisic:
she went to buy a pair of espadrills, and walks around the house in them to make sure they fit, i put eyes on them because in the story she talks about her partner who always seems to have his eyes closed meditating, and her eyes were crying.

15. birthmark:
the jam jar that she opens smashers everywhere and get jam all over her face. her bloodly red birthmark reappears. the text is because the meaning of the story is she was more beautiful with the mark, and beauty isnt about how you look....

16. how to tell stories to children:
the little girls parents are discribed as bears fighting in the beginning of the story...