Thursday, 27 May 2010

playpen 20.05.2010


so we formed our group of:

Bea Wilson
Jimmy Patrick
Kunyalala Ndlovu
Lizzie Towndrow
Megan Sinclair
Matthias Geisler
Spencer Walton

our first ideas was to make things to sell in a shop environment, we decided first we need a space to work from this for our playful interactive ideas, we looked at a few shop front which we thourght would work but in the end came across the Wieden + Kennedy building at the top of brick lane. we were so lucky to have been given this space but it also changed our plans and ideas slightly, but for the better :D
this is what we came up with...

our aim was to to create a space filled with exciting furnishing, furniture and toys, to make an adult playroom where people can come hang out have a drink and buy our goods. jimmys description...In this modern age many urban working adults have forgotten how to have simple wholesome fun. During childhood we were often placed in environments of play, in which we were forced to interact with objects and other people. In this environment we can escape from the worries and complications of life and simply use our imagination and the tools of play placed in front of us. We can be whatever, wherever, whoever we want.

this was our blog were documented our ideas and

shop front ideas:


on the roof!!!

so we had this space for a one night event and a window display for the week
heres the window:

we built 'PLAYPEN' out of card board boxes then i chase scene of different charachters hanging in there air.


what we did:

the stairs
covered in jazzy patterns using tape:

this lead fromt he entrance up to the main room where it turned into the path for the naked people go carts!

this path/road went all around the fort/dean we made out of card board, where you could go and sit inside

the photobooth:

aprons for sale:


dj supershen

voka skittles

getting the word out!