Friday, 8 January 2010


finding my fact...

oxford pitt rivers...


banana experiment...

i wanted to turn this into an animation, but it just wasnt working, sooo...

mouse experiment!...

i brought these little fellows already dead and frozen about to be feed to snakes at the pet shop!

i died this 1 purple

and had a look inside the other.

i put the organs in glass wax in little pots ( i got alot of air bubble from some though)

rib cage





the mouse skin in the wax
(head to the right)

mouse mould using alginate

i made glass wax mice with maggots in, plaster and laytex ones from the mould.

first one with actual mouse tail!

how the experiments went..
purple slowly decomposed

poped and decomposing one in wax to freeze it at this stage!
(juicy layer ontop!)

this 1 expanded then loads of juices came out and smelt sooo bad

the final stage of the banana, totally black

stages of a mouse decomposing...

fact and fiction exhibition

after finishing our fact, fiction and publish projects we showed our favorite peices in a exhibition at the arts bar camberwell just before the Easter holidays march 2010
i but my bear book in and fiction bear embroidery...