Tuesday, 25 November 2008

PARIS november 2008

here are some of my drawings from around Paris, and bits and bobs i found


sign 5 to make a a1 poster about one of the texts taken from a poster in black and white using our kits...
five roughs to illustrate fancy dance...

i thought about different types of dance and what looks fancy. So i used pictures of my friends dancing, the robot, i found out that the fancy dance is an actual native Indian dance, i found a old 50s magazine were the models poses look like dance moves which looked elegant and fancy, and then i found an image i had to two old people dancing, which i loved, because there was nothing rally fancy abut their dance moves, but i could imagine them loving it and saying fancy and having a groovy time.
so i used the image and made it from my visual kit.

then i blew it up to A1

head line !

choose a headline and illustrate it using our kit landscape for a double page spread in a book...

the head line i choose from the 5th of November was 'A MAD HAPPY NOVEMBER NIGHT'
which was talking about Barack Obama victory. But i thought about what was my 'mad happy November night', i looked at my photographs i had taken on bonfire night and things which happened.

First i did some rough little ideas...

Here were my 3 ides from my roughs...

here my final image i came up with