Saturday, 16 July 2011

r a f f l e a n d p r e s s

Katherine May won by Hannah Katrina

Katie Brookes won by Darryl Clifton

Martha Smith won by Mary Kuper

Jordan Chatwin won by Hollie Limer

Luke best won by Alice Devine

Jamie Hall won by Eleni Charalamroous

OVO books won by Lizzie Towndrow

Peter Nencini won by Helen Matin

Team won by Jane Chamberlain

Chie Miyazaki won by Tony Lee

Luke best won by Walter Sharpe

Team Team won by W Pike

Nobrow won by Jimmy Patrick

Luke Best won by AAK

Known won by AAK

Rob Rayn won by Harriet Corey-wright

Geoff Coupland won by AAK
Luke Best won by AAK
Marie O'Connor won by Poppy Steveni
Its Nice That won by Lise Kasson


our external show: the private view night!

this sums up the night...

around the show...

Sunday market...

the last supper