Thursday, 4 February 2010


the aim for this project was to make some kind of publication, thinking about the content, audience and points of distribution.
i wanted to make a children's book but also could be enjoyed by adults.
my book is simply about bears with a handful of activities based around them.

the minimum we had to make was 10, so the printing method i used was screen printing, even though this still took along time; i think it was still the best way of printing to get a hand made feel to my work epically on the summer set paper i used with the buckled edges.


front cover (A3)

instead of binding my book i made a folder with the loose sheets inside and sealed it will a printed sticker, with my name, addition number and title on label.

when the folder is opened there is a pocket attached on the right hand side holding all the materials you need for the activities in the book.

stitched together the pocket contains:

safety pins
needle and thread
a bear badge
patterned papers
all stitched up in a packet

1st page
puff printed trees with title peeping through
i used this type of ink on a few pages and the material to get a kind of furry texture like a bear, and to make it more playful and something you want to touch.

title letter pressed 'bear'

3rd page, double spread
template for bear mask

this is what it looks like when its all folded up

4th page, puff print on canvas material
front of bear for bean bear

bear back

this is what it looks like stitched together and filled with dried beans

6th page
bear outline to colour in

7th bear mittens

front and back

left and right

11th page
bear net for little bear

this is what it looks like when folded up

12th page
puff print sun bear belly peice

13th instructions page letter pressed

on the back of blank pages a screen printed bear patterns on the back

me as a bear in all the things made from the book...