Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Carrying on from our chair project over Christmas, we had to take an aspect fro our research and produce a narrative sequence of images

i chose to look at:


i came to the conclusion that Thonet had a 'medium full beard'.

i started by going out and just drawing guys with hairy faces heheee

and drawing my friends...

Zoes 21st tash and beards party !

drawing from tv (flight of the conchords, Bret and Jamaine)

i made a flip book using stamps to show a beard growing as an idea... (heres some of the pages)

i knitted a beard

then my friend found me this in amelia's magazine!

furry accesories

here i had the idea of making a beard and thinking about that would live in Thonets beard
i thought about Mr.Twits beard from the Roald Dahl book.

i wanted to do some printing so did some quick mono prints with oil pastels

i took the idea of my chair being made for a cafe, so i printed on coffee filter papers and throught about when you drink coffee you sometimes get a creamy mushtashe :D
these are blind drawings from the drawing i had already done, with cut out paper tashes
i then stitched it into a book.

here are my final mono prints i did from my drawing
i made some sheet s of paper with printed textures on which i am going to cut out to collage areas of the image.

heres some of the quotes i found men saying about there beards which i included in the prints

I've always preferred full beards and think a man looks better full-bearded than not. However, personally a trimmed or overly styled beard looks too contrived (almost theatrical) on my face -- it doesn't look natural on me. I've opted for a beard style that needs minimal maintenance, and yet -- I feel -- is also an easy style that "suits" me.

I wore a goatee and sideburns. I changed my style every few weeks.

I love beards. I tried out many styles. (Maybe I created some of my own... ;-) But none have I liked more than the full beard.

Yes. I grew a really long beard for a period of two years. Finally it reached 16cm in length and stopped. I found that this is the limit, the terminal length. Because it didn't grow longer, it became boring to me. So I trimmed it in many steps. Each time I cut a bit more.

People have reacted quite differently. But most have been very positive. I was asked (by women and men!) for permission to touch the long beard.

My beard is very curly, spirally, wirey. I just get scared when I brush it and see a lump of murdered hairs. So I brush once a week or less. There is no conditioner I've found that can tame my beard. Giving my beard a style is something I rarely have done. I would just hate to have to shave everything if I made an error. I'm too busy trying to impress people with this bush on my face to experiment. Besides, a full beard, like they say here in New York, is "The bomb!"

I couldn't imagine not being a full-bearded man. It's just been incorporated into who I am.

Everytime I would shave my beard off, I would just look at my naked face in the mirror and just think to myself, "Now, why the hell did I just do that? Man...I had forgotten how small my chin is..." Ha-ha.

I am only 5' 7" (170 cm) tall, so without facial hair, I would look like a kid. With the beard, I look like a man! People tell me that I look like twenty-one or older. It's great! I also feel much better about myself. I feel that I am truly a man

My beard is pretty smooth, soft, and bouncy right out of the shower after using conditioner. It was definitely a trip to start using shampoo on my face as well as my head.

There's a two-week mark where my face begins to get ridiculously itchy. It lasts for a week or two and then it goes away. The itchiness took some getting used to. I'm a patient guy, so I can wait around for a long time and enjoy the process. Watching my beard go through the different stages is something I like to see.

The idea of shampooing it seemed ridiculous, but of course, a beard is made up of hair -- so why didn't I consider that? I was thinking a quick rub with some soap would suffice.

I still think about shaving, even with my latest beard, but my wife loves it and encourages me to keep it

On a functional level, it's great for keeping your face warm. I also enjoy trimming it, which I do once a week. Oh, and the lack of irritation, dry skin and ingrowing hairs is fantastic -- I dealt with all that rubbish for years and it's very liberating, no longer having to scratch my face several hundred times a day

The art of grooming is bit beyond me at this point, hence why I'm growing a full beard.

I get a giddy feeling every time I get a compliment, even marginal ones at that. So I must enjoy some aspect of it. I enjoy playing with my beard including petting / stroking, twisting and even pulling. It is an interesting experience to feel the wind on my face, be it salty sea air or dusty. Whenever the wind blows, I feel this massive movement on my face. On the positive side, I don't chew my fingernails as much as I've got this thing on my face to play with.

I've not trimmed my beard for a while, but I won't let it grow much more, though

It's a great experience, watching day after day the radical changes that the beard-growing process brings to your face. It's a real satisfaction not to let other people's criticisms and comments deter you from your commitment

Growing a beard was a real adventure. I might shave it one day, but it will be my own decision. Growing a beard was a test of character. I'm really glad that I passed.

They look very natural, giving a man wearing the full beard the impression of being genuine, unforced, and true to being oneself.

Everyone is so supportive of my growth, and a lot of people are very excited to see how big my beard is going to get.

I like that it is about six different colors, giving my beard a different shade. I have red, brown, black, white, grey, and blond whiskers, most prominent being brown and black. During the summer, the sun lightens up my beard giving it a golden look. In the winter, it turns dark brown.

hers just some labels and evolopes i printed on and my text i had to right backwards