Friday, 5 September 2008


foundation final pieces

10 pieces of work that i like ...

Eduardo Recife
bits and bobs of everything, all rolled up into one, Recifes work is one of my favorites, for hes uses old imagery and collage with a modern twist. i love the old stained colours scheme he uses and the marks with pen he puts on the top to create pattern and text.

Charls Anastase mainly just uses pencil and draws from photographs to make stunning realistic layered pictures.

Chris Dent amazingly detail to city skylines and buildings, just black and white pens, using squiggles, dots shapes and line to fill in spaces, gives great effect.

Rob Rayn illustrates his drawings through delicate cut outs to create lovely silhouettes.

Graham Flack These two images are taken from a series of portraits called between dreams. i think these are amazing to say they are made from a lithograph print. They are so realistic and handsome.

Kime Buzzelli

her use of different media like make up, water colour and fabrics, to make something look pretty, she looks at themes such as lost innocence and teen lust and shows the feelings or thoughts of the girls she draws though little bits of texts.

Sara fanelli uses different cut outs of bits of interesting papers and images, all put together to create something new fun and exciting, with sometime simple or detailed typography.

Deanne Cheuk

simple line drawings, mixed with washes of ink and textured colleagued backgrounds.

Jamel Shabazz

This is one of my favorite books, because of its funky old school bad boy images of everyday people, in their everyday environments.

Julie Verhorven

Her drawings usually have lots going of in them, with hidden little, sometimes erotic drawings inside another drawing. ti love the messy energetic colourful movements in her drawings and her use of text and collage.