Thursday, 31 May 2012

w h a t s m y n a m e ?

name my mummy ...

s e e

Louise Bourgeois at the Freud museum, was the best exhibition i had seen since her last one at Hauser & Wirth. Unfortunately its finished now but check out her book The Return of the Repressed (about the exhibition).

TATE : kill 3 birds with one stone
i went to see all 3 exhibitions in 1 day, it was a lot to take in; first of all 
Yayoi Kusama

me in her never ending light room, you have to go in this is amazing and magical and dream like

you must enter Damien Hirsts butterfly room was the best bit, they fly on you and you can touch them

and finially Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan
with amazing embroiderys and detailed peices that so much work had gone into...