Thursday, 26 August 2010

costume department

during the summer holidays i planned to do a few work placements one of which was a week in costume for a new children's show called GAME OVER on BBC.

my first day stared of getting to know the cast and crew and finding my around the set which was in one huge studio space in Twickenham

this was the costumes departments office which had all the casts out-fits and accessories.
each character had their own section of clothes of the rail and drawer full of shoes, tights, jewellery etc...

in the afternoon i was put in charge of looking after Claire Parker played by Anna Crilly. who was a kind of vampire slayer character. here are some of her shirts i aged using lots of different techniques such as a cheese grater, tea, a lighter, and costume make up...

here is also Sergeant Riley's (played by Gareth Tunley) dressing gown which i made look dirty.

the costume department also had another store room where they had bigger costumes and ones which had been worn, and they let me loose in there!!

here are the extra suit limbs i made for Romford which was a robot tuned half human!

this is the scene where they were used...

around the sets...

working on the blue screen...

i made a blue screen suit which was one big blue Lycra onesy

the director at his monitor

here's what the blue screen looks like from the monitor with the background put in..

i also looked after and dressed the aliens on the blue screen who were played by to lovely extras who were dancers who had to wear these huge sweaty heads haha!

basically on set the costume team after each take have to check that everything is tucked in tied up and perfect so the character looks exactly the same for the next take, i found it quite a long process, then after each scene a photo was taken to put in the folder to track back on ready for the scene leading on after that so you know what costume you need to put them in.

costume had had these heads made at this amazing place in east London which they sent me to to take things back and pick up; were they make costumes and props for tv, it was sooooooo good

props corner...

ironing and washing was a daily routine and then popping things in dressing rooms ready for the actors/actresses to get ready for their next take.

dressing room

here is a costume i made which had to look like a handmade super hero costume for kiki to hold up in s shot.

the week was alot of fun and i lernt and saw a lot of new things and realised what i did enjoy doing and what i didnt want to do !

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